Travel Nursing Information HQ 10 Questions to ask Travel Nursing Hiring Manager

Alright, so you have already read our article on how to pick a travel nursing agency and thoroughly vetted several travel nursing companies. You've knew the questions to ask your travel nursing recruiter and feel great about the person representing you at the staffing agency. Great! Now it's time to prepare the questions you plan to ask the hiring manager of the facility you will potentially be taking a travel nursing assignment at. You will notice that there is some overlap between the question's you've already asked your recruiter: this is not an accident. You need to verify that your recruiter and hiring manager are in agreement on the terms of the jobdoing so early saves you massive headache in the long run.

Please be aware that your travel nursing agency and healthcare facility have a previously agreed upon

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contract that covers all travel nurses. This contract generally stipulates the amount of travelers an agency can staff any anyone facility, the minimum and maximum amount of hours an rn can have, and overtime agreements. These are not always ironclad, so it is good to push for your desired terms of contract. Anyways, here is what you should ask the hiring manager when interviewing for your travel nursing assignment!

    1. Will you be required to act as a float nurse during ANY point of your time there as a travel nurse? If so, how much of your time should you anticipate acting as a float nurse?
    2. Will you have to be on call? How frequently should you expect to be on call as a travel nurse? If so, what is the pay rate for on call?
    3. Is there mandatory overtime? If so, what is the rate? Conversely, is overtime allowed?
    4. What shifts will you be expected to work? Will your schedule be constant during the entre travel nursing assignment, or should you expect to bounce around different shifts?
    5. What kind of charting methods and procedures are encouraged at the facility?
    6. What color scrubs do you need to have?
    7. Is there an orientation? (there probably is) if so, how long is it? Finally, is the orientation paid?
    8. You should ask if there are any current travelers? Have any past travelers chosen to extensions their assignments. On that note: are extensions possible at that facility?What is the average patient turnover for your unit? How many beds are there, ect?
    9. Are there any special requirements for your unit?

As with any interview, be careful to note the tone and attitudes given during the responses to these questions? Are they haughty and uptight? Do they seemed annoyed by them? Chances are that if they do not seem welcoming during the interview process, the situation won't improve dramatically during your travel nursing assignment. Make sure all of your questions receive the same answers from BOTH your travel nursing recruiter and your hiring manager! Some of us have unknowingly started travel nursing assignments on mixed terms, and it was a frustrating situation that tainted the entire assignment.

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